Mind of the Future preview


Meditation Popup is a startup that exists to enhance human sustainability. The way they do this is by creating places where people can meditate and learn to train their mind.



To communicate this unique perspective Julian Mollema created an identity to represent Meditation Popup in a clean, friendly and fresh way.

Their new website is a small and unique website, but the vision of Meditation Popup is to scale up to more locations, different cities and more types of meditation. This is something that needed to come back in the technical execution of the platform.


Because a lot of the customers of Meditation Popup are buying multiple courses at the same time they often return to the website. This made a great use case for introducing a Progressive Web App, PWA. This made the site extremely fast to load and make an appointment.

The way to implement a PWA into a website that is already featuring client side rendering is surprisingly easy. By creating one configuration file and setting the files to cache you give to client a huge advantage by giving them a website that can be used as a mobile application.


The website is running in a Docker container running NextJS for server side rendering. This container is communicating with two dfferent data sources; Prismic and Fitssey. Fitssey is the tool used for planning the appointments and getting the locations. All the rich page data is coming from Prismic; images, dynamic page data, blog post etc. Everything that couldn’t be fetched from Fitssey is being fetched from Prismic.

In the future the location of the data can change since Fitssey is still developing and improving their tool. To make it easy to switch between the two without changing to much in the frontend, there is a gateway where the two data sources are combined into a single structure. This formatted data is then send to website. This layer makes it easy to switch data sources, single point of caching and easier error logging.