Hello 👋, I’m a web developer from the Netherlands. My biggest strength is over engineering a website with a lot of microservices. Even though it’s sometimes more scalable then required it gives me, as a developer, a lot of options to change around. I’m currently working at Build in Amsterdam where I get the possibility to work closely with great strategist and designers. At Build in Amsterdam we work with bigger and smaller brands to create e-commerce and interactive web platforms.

In my spare time I’m often still working with new technologies and smaller websites. Often these will be personal projects or for people I know. However even if haven’t met and you’re looking for a freelance developer for your small, non e-commerce, project you can always send me message!

As a web developer I’m mainly working with Javascript in the browser and the client. This can range from scroll based animations in the browser to formatting XML data in a NodeJS server to transform to JSON.

Next to building more specific parts I often take a step back and think about the system that’s being build and how each part of the system should work with each other. I often use a visualization layer like Docker to split up the system in small parts and let each part be an expert in what it does. This results in a scalable landscape of microservices.

If you’re in need of someone that can help you out with some website related stuff send me a message! For jobs and business related things I prefer email but you can also send me a direct message on social media.